Nipson Technology Press Release 2012

Mon, 03/09/2012 - 15:12

The mission of the New Company "NIPSON TECHNOLOGY" headquarter, which is located in “Belfort / FRANCE”, consists in continuing designing, manufacturing and promoting our High Speed Digital Printers World Wide.

Nipson Technology’s products are today one of the fastest TONER Digital Printers in the Printing Industry. Investing in a Nipson Technology printing system, will deliver an advanced technology, versatility and reliability that will immediately cut down printing time and will satisfy foreseeable short, medium and long term printing system requirements.

Nipson Technology’s advanced digital black and white printing technology offers our clients a wide choice of variable data printing. Nipson Technology is the leading choice of printers in its segment and support applications, including personalised mailers, promotional material, cheques, lottery tickets, scratch cards, billing statements, dividend warrants and certificates with bar codes.

- Mr Loic DUFEIL, CEO of 2J Impression and President of Nipson Technology.

One of the differentiators of Nipson Technology is its Magnetography technology that utilizes a durable metal imaging drum, electromagnet write heads and magnetized Toner, to print image data documents. These elements enable a Cold fusion process that transfers toner onto the page using high-energy flashes of light. Here toner is heated, but not the paper, eliminating warping, drying, and shrinking along with other problems associated with heating non-traditional substrates, such as plastics and metallic films.

In addition, the Nipson Technology offers solutions that incorporate these printers into complete printing solutions, integrating connections, software, pre- and post-processing facilities, plus maintenance.

Nipson Technology will continue developing its activities World Wide as its products are installed in more than 45 countries. Our commitment is to rapidly reinforce Nipson Techonology’s Distribution Network in the UK and the US, South of America, and Asia, in order to provide a fast support to all our customers in these regions.

Nipson Technology’s Vision and New Mission is to always meet our customers’ needs, and embrace innovative technologies.

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