Perfect print for high quality labels  

Compared with other digital printing technologies, magnetographic printers have unique advantages. For example in bar-coding applications, readability is greatly increased, there is no ‘bleed’ between bars’, and magnetography prints micro 2DI bar codes without error – most inkjet cannot do this. In high security print applications, the readability and security features of the image printed by magnetographic printing optimises the effectiveness of the security process.

Until now, label printing companies have been very disappointed with  toner based printing. For instance laser printers using thermal laser technology fuse the toner at about 200 degree centigrade which often results in the deformation of the label substrate. Today, Nipson Technology’s unique magnetography process with the use of cool xenon flash fusing changes this situation totally; it fuses the toner without heating the substrate. – thereby printing without distortion to the expensive label substrate.

The non-impact cool xenon flash fusing process allows you to print on the widest possible range of substrates. Because the toner is fused without heating the substrate, there is no risk of drying, warping, shrinkage or other degradation. As a result, it can handle a very wide range of materials including coated and uncoated papers, labels, plastics, polyesters, foils and other thermal sensitive stocks. In addition, the cool xenon flash fusing technology eliminates the overflowing of glue when handling the self-adhesive materials, which greatly reduces the probability of damage to the machine, but more importantly does not affect the automatic application of the label to the product later in the supply chain. 

Nipson Technology printers have other advantages. Operator-controlled variable speed allows you to dynamically adjust speed to ensure optimum print quality and productivity regardless of substrate type or finishing process. The pinless feeding function can reduce the waste of costly adhesive materials and cut production costs. In addition, Nipson Technology’s maximum web width of 520mm makes it most suitable for combining with the flexo pre-printing process, in fact it can easily be used in-line with a flexo or offset printing press perfectly. 

Today, and for many years, the outstanding quality, speed, reliability, and cost benefits of the Nipson Technology’ solutions continue to win the unanimous appreciation of their users.

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