Security printing

Nipson Technology offers a wide range of anti-counterfeiting solutions, continually improving and expanding the level of counterfeiting protection they can help to achieve.

MICR E13B and CMC7 characters, micro-text and guilloches make copying of security documents practically impossible.

T3000SY is a yellow toner that fluoresces when illuminated by a standard UV light source. This toner has been specifically developed to further facilitate fraud detection: copies or reprints of the original document would not fluoresce under UV light. Toner deliveries are accompanied by a conformity certificate confirming Nipson Technology’s compliance with strict quality control and security measures from supply to manufacturing and delivery. Other colors will be developed at a later stage.

Variable content such as barcodes or sequential numbering and the use of special paper also impede counterfeiting.

Nipson Technology presses are ideally suited for the production of a wide range of security documents:

  • Nipson Technology presses are MICR-capable by default, enabling simultaneous printing of MICR characters and other variable data
  • Nipson Technology’s proprietary fluorescent toner can be used with the DIGIFlex and VaryPRESS product ranges
  • Cool flash fusing fixes the toner so that it cannot be removed without damaging the substrate
  • Dry toner technology and 600 x 600 dpi resolution enable the accurate representation of barcodes, CMC7 and E13B characters for checkbooks, micro-text, guilloches and other security features
  • Roll to roll configuration ensures the pages of multipage documents remain in the right order
  • Substrate flexibility allows printing on security paper and heat sensitive substrates



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