Nipson Technology, a history of continuous technological innovation

Magnetography was developed in the early 1980’s. This unique non-impact printing technology was to become the basis of all Nipson Technology printing systems and has remained so until today.

Over the years, the company and its products have changed significantly. Our commitment to innovation and technological advancement, however, has remained the same since its inception.

  • 2012
    The mission of the New Company “NIPSON TECHNOLOGY” headquarter, which is located in “Belfort / FRANCE”, consists in continuing designing, manufacturing and promoting our High Speed Digital Printers World Wide.

    NIPSON TECHNOLOGY’s products are today one of the fastest TONER Digital Printers in the Printing Industry. Investing in a NIPSON TECHNOLOGY printing system, will deliver an advanced technology, versatility and reliability that will immediately cut down printing time and will satisfy foreseeable short, medium and long term printing system requirements.

    NIPSON Technology will continue developing its activities World Wide as its products are installed in more than 45 countries.

  • 2011
    To complete its reorganization, Nipson SAS refocuses on its main activities of distribution and services. The ''Nipson Technology'' branch is created with new financial supports. It will ensure the production of the technological magnetographic components ( Drum, Print heads and toner )
  • 2010
    Pursuiving the cost-saving process initiated in 2009, the activities of printer manufacturing and logistics are grouped together within a new and same operationnal entity. This new Nipson Technology branch is called ''Nipson Industry'' and is located in Boizenburg ( Germany )
  • 2010
    Launch of the new T3000SY Nipson's patented fluorescent toner. The fluorescent property, which serves as fraud detector, ensures high level of security features on all value-added documents. The versatile DIGIFlex receives the EDP award 2010 for Best Web-fed Production Printer Monochrome!
  • 2009
    Release of the new versatile DIGIFlex, setting new standards in quality, flexibility and cost-effective productivity thanks to many technological improvements.
  • 2008 
    A new investor takes an important stake in the mother company of Nipson SAS. Following to this, the Nipson group undergoes a real make-over in order to become more competitive and to increase its flexibility and reactivity towards its customers. 
  • 2007   
    Launch of the VaryPress 500 with a speed of 150 meters/minute.
    Release of a duplex spot color solution for the VaryPress product line.
  • 2004   
    Launch of the VaryPress 200 and VaryPress 400 at Drupa 2004.
    In August, Nipson Digital Printing Systems PLC, the mother company of Nipson SAS, announces its IPO on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM).
  • 2002   
    Nipson SAS acquires the activities and intellectual property of Xeikon France SA.
  • 2001   
    Launch of the DMP 8000 (70 meters/minute), the first model with a print resolution of 600 dpi.
  • 1999   
    Xeikon NV acquires an 80 percent interest in Nipson International, which is then renamed Xeikon SA.
    Increased print resolution on the VaryPress: 480 dpi.
  • 1998   
    Release of the CMC7 character printing functionality on the NIPSON 7000, allowing for the personalization of checks in a single step.
  • 1997   
    Increased print resolution on the Nipson 7000: 480 dpi.
  • 1996   
    Launch of a 202 pages per minute version of the Nipson 7000 and introduction of the Twin Engine Duplex (TED) configuration.
    Release of the Single Engine Duplex (SED) solution.
    Launch of the Nipson 7000, printing 404 pages per minute.
  • 1995   
    Introduction of Nipson’s cool xenon flash fusing system.
  • 1989   
    Launch of the VaryPress, the first press dedicated to electronic reprography, producing 420 pages per minute.
  • 1985   
    Release of the first magnetographic continuous web press, the MP 6090, printing 90 pages per minute.



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